Volunteer Application and Contract




Although volunteers do not earn money, time volunteering at the Library gives them:

  • Training and experience in the world of work.
  • A professional reference and job experience to list on their resume.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at library-related careers.
  • An opportunity to discuss their interests with people who may like similar things.
  • A chance to “give back” to the community.
  • Interesting experiences and the chance to meet kids and adults with similar interests.
  • They do not accrue fines for overdue library materials after volunteering at least 25 hours during a three month period and for each subsequent three-month period in which they volunteer a minimum of 25 hours.



Title: Summer Programming Page

Age: 12 and up

Responsibilities:  Assist in set up of weekly programs, may include, but not limited to cutting, gluing, sorting, gathering supplies, reading to groups, participation in skits or reader’s theaters performed for large group, counting/gathering reading/weekly logs, preparing weekly make-and-take packets, supervising weekly prizes—including book giveaways, setting up displays, preparing snacks, clean-up

Requirements:  This volunteer is interested in working with children both one-on-one and in large groups.  He/she should be comfortable in dealing with a minimum of five children at a time and be able to give concise directions for any given activity performed.

Dates/Times Needed:  Volunteer hours will primarily be needed during the scheduled summer programs.  Typically 30 minutes prior to and after any program would be expected.  Other hours may be expected to assist in preparing for programs—these hours would typically be needed in the week(s) prior to any given program.


Title: Storytime Page

Age: 12 and up

Responsibilities:  Gather, cut, glue, and organize activity supplies for weekly projects.  Create/display decorations/props.  Gather books on future themes.  Prepare space for storytimes.

Requirements: This volunteer should be able to handle on-line subject searches in both the library catalog and internet craft sites, needs to be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds at one time, and is able to perform craft duties neatly and efficiently.

Dates/Times Needed:  Hours will primarily be needed during storytime sessions (September-December and January-May) Because responsibilities are mainly prep work, and not actual storytimes, preferred hours would include afternoons or evenings.


Title: Technical Page

Age: 15 and up

Responsibilities:  Assist to create/post e-newsletter, book discussion podcast, social media updates, book talks/critiques, and cleaning discs

Requirements:  This volunteer needs to have a working knowledge of responsibilities listed above.  While some training will be given, volunteer will be working mainly unsupervised.  Needs to have a working knowledge of the English language and spelling and be able to take direction from library staff.  Must be comfortable giving reader’s advisory.

Dates/Times Needed:  Updates would be done mainly on an as-needed basis, not less than once a month.  Most of work could be done either at library or home computer, although a weekly progress report would be required.


Title: Library Page

Age: 15 and up

Responsibilities:  Processing materials, organizing/shelving materials, assist with patron tech questions, oversee use of gaming system(refer issues to regular staff as needed), set up of projector, screen and sound system for programs, assist with displays, organize/up keep of book sale items, search for missing items, assist in collecting paging list items, light housekeeping as needed

Requirements:  This volunteer will need to understand and perform routine library procedures; will be expected to sort efficiently in alphabetic or numerical order, and to develop a working understanding of the Dewey Decimal and Call Number system. An ability to communicate effectively with staff and public is a must.  Must be comfortable giving reader’s advisory.

Dates/Times Needed:  Regular hours would be required, preferably two or more hours at a time.


Title:  Home Delivery

Age:  18 and up

Responsibilities:  Select materials for individual homebound clients based on his/her reading interests; picks up and delivers materials to the client at a prearranged time; picks up materials at a prearranged time or renews them; keeps the clients library card number and information confidential; keeps in contact with the homebound client(s)

Requirements:  Must enjoy working with people and have good communication skills.  Must be an avid reader, or have experience appropriate to selecting materials for another person.  Must be able to provide transportation for delivery of materials and be responsible for client’s materials and information.




Volunteers are expected to put in a minimum of 25 hours over a period of 3 months.  Because the library treats volunteers as staff, it is vital that they commit to a regular work schedule and be at the library during those scheduled times.  If a volunteer cannot work on his/her scheduled date/time it is expected that they will call other volunteers to try to find a substitute before notifying library staff.  All other expectations will be covered during the required orientation session.



Volunteers are vital to the success of our library.  If you are interested and can donate 25 or more hours during a three month period, please complete the application form and return to the library.


Please be sure that ALL blanks on the form are completed, including references, your signature, and the signature of your parent(s), if under 18.  If you or your references have any questions about the program, please contact library staff at 715-286-2070 or aulib@augustalibrary.org


(Please print neatly.)


Name __________________________________________   M/F ____   Age (if under 18)   ____


Current School (if applicable)___________________________________   Current Grade   ____


Phone number   ________________________ Email _________________________________

(only include if regularly checked)


Street Address   ________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address   _______________________________________________________________

(if different from Street Address)


Parent/Guardian Names (if under 18)


______________________________________________   Phone   ________________________


______________________________________________ Phone  _________________________



Write down days/times that you cannot volunteer during the next 3 months (vacation, summer school, camp, lessons, etc.) separately and turn in with application. 


I would like to work ______ hours per week. (Minimum 2 hours required).


Indicate hours you are available per week based on the open library hours:

Please check your calendar carefully!

Monday 2pm – 5pm                                                                  _____________________________


Tuesday 9am – 7pm                                                                  _____________________________


Wednesday 9am – 7pm                                                              _____________________________


Thursday 11am – 5pm                                                               _____________________________


Friday 9am – 11am (preschool storytimes) 11am – 5pm              _____________________________


Saturday 9am – 5pm                                                                 _____________________________


Volunteer titles you would be interested in helping with:

____________________________________    _____________________________________

____________________________________    _____________________________________

Prior Volunteer/Work Experience/Interests/ Skills:  (Attach letter if more space is needed)




Home Delivery Volunteers Only:

Do you own/drive a car?  If not, what form of transportation will you be able to use?




Do you have any health conditions or physical limitations that should be taken into consideration when arranging your volunteer assignment?  If so, please explain:






References other than a parent required:  Please attach a letter of reference.


Print Name _____________________________________________________


Phone ______________________________________ Email ___________________________


Print Name _____________________________________________________


Phone ______________________________________ Email ___________________________



Please read the application thoroughly, front and back.  Complete all sections, and sign below.


Parents, IMPORTANT! Please read!

PERMISSION: (please mark agreement to conditions)

Your (child’s) name, phone, and email will be included on a substitute list so volunteers can make arrangements for someone to cover their scheduled time if they take off due to vacations and emergencies.  I use group email to send announcements.


I, ___________________________________, as parent/guardian of ______________________, do hereby release and hold harmless the Augusta Memorial Public Library and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Augusta from any and all liability, claims or causes of action that may arise for any accidents, injuries or illnesses that may occur to my child from his/her participation in the volunteer program.  I waive any right of action I have against the City of Augusta in consideration of my child’s participation as a volunteer for the City.  I also agree that the Augusta Memorial Public Library has permission to use my child’s photograph or videotaped image in publicity about the library system activities.


I, ____________________________________, understand that in my capacity as a City of Augusta volunteer, I may come into contact with confidential information.  I agree to protect this information to the best of my abilities as a volunteer and not to divulge it during or after my service as a volunteer has ended.  I have read the above application form and I agree to work responsibly and conscientiously at my volunteer duties.


Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18) ______________________________________ Date: ___________


Volunteer Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ____________