Looking for a challenge in your life or just an opportunity to meet new people while expanding your vision of the world without a great deal of risk?  Look to the library’s book cub.

While some book clubs are formed by friends or co-workers, the book club through the Augusta Public Library brings people together from all walks of life.  You’ll meet teachers, nurses, engineers, bookkeepers, business owners, kayakers, bikers, artists, salesmen and many more.  You never know who will decide to join, but the people you meet are only the tip of the iceberg.

The books you will read are as varied as the people in the group.  You will try different genres, see different perspectives, and expand your repertoire.  You may not become a rocket scientist, but you’ll gain a better understanding of how things have developed and the reason behind the development from Forensic medicine, to uniforms for the military, to how the FBI came into being.  You will develop empathy for those struggling to find a better life, understand how people have survived catastrophes and experience the good that can occur out of a difficult situation.  Books provide not only a history lesson, but also the light at the end of the tunnel.  You will cry, yes, and get angry at times, but laughter will also be part of the equation.  Sharing these emotions and thoughts with others will give you a bond with diverse people you will never experience in another setting.

It’s easy to join the book club.  We’re always looking for new people and new perspectives.  Come alone, bring a spouse, friend, or relative and find a welcoming group with no expectations.  If you just want to listen, fine.  If you have a strong opinion, feel free to share.  If you have suggestions for book choices, great!

Call the library today and they will order you the book in any format you prefer.  We meet once a month, the second Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m.

submitted by Kris Crowe

Take a look here for titles that the group read during 2020 and here for what we’ve read so far in 2021.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash