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Are you looking for a pile of books and want to leave it up to our staff to select the titles for you?

What you will get:
*Children’s Bundles include 10 board books, picture books, or reader books.
*Adults (and teens) will get five books in their preferred genre or collection.

All you have to do is call us at 715.286.2070 between 10 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday, or fill out the Book Bundle form. 

Find Your Next Read

Book Matchmaker! The library staff can recommend your next read based on what you like. Fill out the Book Matchmaker form or call us at 715-286-2070!

Friends of the Library Seeking Vendors For Farmer’s Market

The Friends of the Augusta Library has scheduled their used book sale for Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6 at the Main St. Gym.  They are opening the remaining space to marketeers serving agricultural and craft items interested in having a table for the two day...
Help plan the library's future by becoming part of our strategic planning committee.

Be a part of the library’s future

The library is seeking individuals interested in shaping the future of the library.  Planning committee members will be able to attend a minimum of 4 meetings over the next 6 months.  Members will use library statistics and trends to determine the objectives of a new...

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” — Unknown

With the Friends of the Library having recently sent out a letter request for donations, I am humbled by the amount of love the library can generate in so many.  Donations have come in to support the Friends and the library.  Not only donations but notes of...
New solar bench added to the Reading Garden

Solar Bench Added To The Reading Garden

Thanks to the efforts of our Friends of the Library president, Marty, the library had a solar bench added to the Reading Garden last week.  The bench was built by Solar Forma Design and donated by Xcel Energy.  What makes this bench special?  The solar charging cells...

The Flatshare Discussion

Want to know what the discussion prepared for our Crimes and Passions book group looks like?  You can take a look at the questions and other information Amanda prepares below. The Flatshare Discussion Questions & Recommendations Tiffy and Leon have a unique living...

The Royal We Discussion

The Royal We Discussion Questions What were your first impressions of the main characters: Bex, Nick, and Freddie? Did you enjoy the parallels between these characters and the actual British royal family? What similarities and differences did you see? This book has a...

Friends of the Augusta Library Craft and Vendor Sale Registration

Our Friends of the Augusta Library group has scheduled their used book sale for Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1 at the Main St. Gym.  We are opening up the remaining space to exhibitors, crafters, and vendors interested in having a table for the two day event. ...

The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone Discussion Questions 1. The book starts off as a traditional rom-com, but that all changes when Kristen tells Sloan about her medical condition. Why do you think Kristen didn’t tell Sloan sooner? Do you understand why she wants to have surgery? 2. Josh...

Favorite Romantic Reads

My love affair with romance novels began when I was a child and I would read the novels my grandmother got in the mail from Harlequin’s book service. Love stories have captivated me ever since! The romance genre is one that I often see being made light of, not taken...

The Stranger Beside Me

The Stranger Beside Me Discussion Questions 1. How much did you know about Ted Bundy prior to reading this book? 2. What surprised you the most about Bundy’s childhood and/or teen years? 3. How would you react if you found out your coworker was a killer? 4. If his...

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