“I want something good to read.” How many times have you said that or heard someone else say it;
however, you don’t know where to turn to find a book that you really have a desire to read or
recommend? The library is full of books, but not necessarily a book that captures and keeps your
interest and attention. Allow me to give you a few suggestions on ways to search for that perfect book.
None of these are new or creative, but a little refresher or reminder doesn’t hurt once in a while.
One place that I turn to on a regular basis to find the newest books is the opening screen of the MORE
system. On a regular basis book covers are shown for your viewing pleasure, and if you tap on the book,
you can read a summary of its contents. The MORE system is also very helpful in that you can search for
books by Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, etc. The system even allows you to limit the search and find
out what a specific library offers, such as Augusta. It is very user friendly.
Let’s not forget our own Augusta Memorial Public Library librarians. Many times, they have given me
a welcome suggestion or have helped me find that elusive book that I was looking for. Recently, I
wanted to see if an author had written anything new lately although I couldn’t remember the author’s
name. Leslie quickly told me that the author was Bradley. A google search for a list of his books showed
nothing new, but by using my Reading History on the Classic Library section of MORE, I was able to
determine that I had not read one of his more recent books. And, guess what? Leslie even went and
retrieved it from the shelf for me.
In addition to a librarian don’t hesitate to ask your friends what they have read and what they would
recommend. If you are friends, you have common interests and that might lead you in the reading
direction that you want.
At times The Leader Telegram has provided me with reading options when they have run book
reviews. Up until recently the newspaper would run a best-seller list, but that is not provided anymore.
However, a person can always Google the New York Times best seller list, which is published weekly, or
a number of other lists.
Magazines, also, are a source of book reviews that just might provide the perfect option. For example,
People magazine features new books with their synopses as well as new movies and music. I have also
found books that I was interested in reading in the AARP publications.
A very beneficial source of books is the monthly Goodreads, an American social cataloging website
that allows readers to search its database of books, etc. On a monthly basis Goodreads offers the latest
in recommended reading in various genres such as Fiction, Nonfiction, Fantasy, etc.
So, don’t despair if you are in need of something to curl up with. Many options will provide you with
just the right book for your reading pleasure.

submitted by Kris Sell