I have a few questions I would like to start off with this month.  Discussion does not have to be limited to these, but I do think they are a good starting point.  What did you all think about the book?

*Ever talks about his job in the group, “It’s (their) job to protect them. It’s (their) job to keep them safe.” What jobs or roles would you assign to the other characters?  Do you think he accomplished his role?

*The characters have a lot of history in this story.  Do you think their history worked in their favor throughout the story, or did it cause more trouble?

*Various characters refer back to the game as a way of coping with the events happening in the story as well as saying that the game and their friendships end tonight.  Why to do you think they were all so eager to give up the story?

*What do you think the purpose of the RPG script was throughout the book?