With the Friends of the Library having recently sent out a letter request for donations, I am humbled by the amount of love the library can generate in so many.  Donations have come in to support the Friends and the library.  Not only donations but notes of appreciation as well, for the library and what it has meant to families, to adults who have grown up coming into the library as kids, to people who have come to view the library and our staff as friends.

As you may know, our Friends group funds much of our programming, particularly our big ticket presenters like our summer performers, and will help supplement our collection, like the $500 donated this fall for large print books. Along with monetary donations, our Friends group maintains our Reading Garden, volunteers to help with other programming and outreach events for the library, and organizes giveaways and other incentives occasionally done at the library.

I’ve always referred to this group as “small but mighty,” which is a testament to the amazing work that they have done through out the years.  Did you know that they were the force behind the solar charging bench in the Reading Garden? They are the group that I reach out to when one of our patrons needs homebound access to the library.  Groups members help with decorations, supporting staff, advocating for the library, and sharing library news throughout the community.

Our Friends help to make the library a place that so many have fond memories of.  Where people can enter and know they are in a home away from home.  Thank you to our Friends and to all that help make what the Friends do possible.

If you are interested in reading the letter sent in their recent donation request, go here.

If you are interested in more information about joining the Friends of the Library, go here.