Want to know what the discussion prepared for our Crimes and Passions book group looks like?  You can take a look at the questions and other information Amanda prepares below.

The Flatshare Discussion Questions & Recommendations

  1. Tiffy and Leon have a unique living situation. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  2. Emotional abuse is a part of the book’s plot. At what point did you begin to consider that Tiffy’s relationship with Justin was not healthy?
  3. This book had a great cast of secondary characters. Who was your favorite, and why?
  4. What do you think would have gone differently if Tiffy and Leon had met earlier in the book? Later? Do you think it would have improved or lessened the strength of their relationship?
  5. What moment from the book touched you the most? Was there a moment or plot line you didn’t like?


A television adaptation of The Flatshare will air on Paramount + in mid-2023!

Other books by Beth O’Leary

  • The Switch
  • The Road Trip
  • The No-Show

Recommendations if you liked The Flatshare…

  1. 500 Miles From You by Jenny Colgan
  2. Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters
  3. Before I Saw You by Emily Houghton
  4. The Impossible Us by Sarah Lotz
  5. Text for You by Sofie Cramer