Have you ever seen a rainbow at night?  

Did you know that if rain is falling during a full moon, you may see a rare lunar rainbow, or “moonbow”? Well, I didn’t! With all the rain in our forecast lately, I’ll have to start searching for these strange beauties at night.  

Most of the snow has finally melted, and our “nature color palate” is finally expanding! The “all over brown” is slowly being replaced by bits of green grass poking through, and bright and colorful birds have returned to show off their feathers. This month, I’ve chosen to celebrate this shift in color, and what could be more colorful than rainbows?   

I hope many of you can join me for a program focused around weather, rainbows, and the water cycle. We will have a quick story time, have a bit of rainbow trivia, and do a fun “rainbow rain” science experiment. We will also decorate rainbow spinners for your littles to take home. So save the date! Wednesday, April 20th at 4PM. No registration required, just show up!